OPQ | OPQ Advisory Network als leider gepositioneerd in onderzoek aan de VU
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OPQ Advisory Network als leider gepositioneerd in onderzoek aan de VU

OPQ Advisory Network als leider gepositioneerd in onderzoek aan de VU

Twee citaten uit het master-onderzoek van Thijs Moleman:

“The value of traditional and new business models in the consulting industry”: “What also struck the eye was that nearly all consultancies made use of a so called „flexible-shell‟. This is therefore not so much a difference between new and traditional business models. However, some new consultancies took this idea of a flexible-shell to a whole new level. OPQ Advisory Network for example does not have any permanent employees. “We recruit from the market the as a whole, which is much more valuable. This gives us a bigger arsenal than our competitors. Casting is therefore one of our key activities.” OPQ Advisory Network closely examines what a client really needs. After this detailed assessment, they recruit consultants with matching capabilities from online networks such as LinkedIn. This key process provides them with ultimate flexibility with respect to human capital.”

“Key is differentiation from competitors, but also from clients. This is also one of the reasons why traditional and new consultancies had to come up with different ways to create, deliver and capture value. Collaborations are an important factor in this process. Almost all consultants indicated during the interviews that they increasingly collaborate with other parties.“The clients‟ issues have become more complex. This demands a bundling of powers and knowledge.” JS Consultancy for example started to collaborate closely with the Vrije Universiteit and its Zijlstra Center. Some consulting firms with new business models, such as Solutio Consulting and OPQ Advisory Network, took an even more profound approach. As aforementioned, Solutio Consulting has set-up a formal network of complementary firms, which is partly a reaction to this market development. OPQ Advisory Network is an even more extreme example, because they assess for every different client which consultants they are going to recruit.”

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